Physiology as the first step
to multidisciplinary biosciences

XXIX Congress
of the Polish Physiological Society and the Federation of European Physiological Societies

Łódź, 21—23 september 2023

Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz
Pomorska 251, Lodz


Dear Colleges

The Polish Physiological Society Congress is an important international event held every two years. It is aimed at creating the opportunity to senior and young researchers to present their results and to share their experiences.

The program of the conference will cover basic and clinical aspects of Physiology and Pathophysiology with both experts in the field and younger scientists as speakers. The program comprises plenary lectures given by invited speakers, short talks selected from the submitted abstracts and poster presentations. We intend to bring together scientists and scholars from around the word to exchange their knowledge.

The XXIX Congress of the Polish Physiological Society will be held in Lodz, from the 21st to the 23rd September, 2023 at the Central Teaching Hospital, Medical University of Lodz. While Lodz is blessed with an academic atmosphere eminently conducive for scientific presentations, passionate discussions and interdisciplinary debates, the city, with its unique architecture, also offers a wealth of opportunities for relaxation after work.

We therefore welcome abstracts from Poland and worldwide, and warmly invite you to Lodz to take part in the Congress.

Best regards

Jacek Drobnik



Honorary patronage


Projekt pt.: „XXIX Kongres Polskiego Towarzystwa Fizjologicznego w Łodzi” jest dofinansowany ze środków budżetu państwa w ramach programu Ministra Edukacji i Nauki pod nazwą „Doskonała Nauka” nr projektu: DNK/SP/549249/2022, kwota dofinansowania 259 028 PLN, całkowita wartość projektu 319 028 PLN.

Project entitled: “XXIX Congress of the Polish Physiological Society in Lodz” is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland („Doskonała nauka”, DNK/SP/549249/2022). Amount of endowment from the national budget is 259 028 PLN. Total cost of the project is 319 028 PLN.