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XXIX Congress of the Polish Physiological Society and the Federation of European Physiological Societies

Invited speakers:

  • Nikolaos Frangogiannis (USA) „Cellular mechanisms of cardiac fibrosis”
  • Jerzy W. Mozrzymas (Poland) „Plasticity of inhibitory synapses in the hippocampus
  • Tomasz Błasiak (Poland) „Control of the activity of midbrain dopaminergic neurons by the nucleus incertus of the rat”
  • Joachim Neumann (Germany) „Psychoactive compounds in the heart and cardiovascular system”
  • Alexander I. Bondarenko (Ukraine) „Vascular effects of cannabinoids and underlying molecular targets”
  • Vincenzo Longo (Italy) „The use of functional foods and nutraceuticals as a strategy to counteract oxidative stress in animals”
  • Krzysztof Książek (Poland)  „Pathophysiology of senescentmesothelial cell-driven ovarian cancer metastasis”
  • Mikołaj Ogrodnik (Austria) „Spatiotemporal controls over cellular senescence in the context of wound healing”
  • Silvia V. Conde (Portugal) „The carotid body: much more than an oxygen sensor”
  • Ewa Stępień (Poland) „Extracellular vesicles – their role beyond intercellular communication”
  • Malgorzata Kasztan (USA) „Pathophysiology of iron-mediated kidney disease
  • Olga Gawrys (Czech Republic) „The role of nitric oxide (NO)/ soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC)/ cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) pathway in the pathophysiology of heart failure with cardio-renal syndrome”
  • Karl Morten (UK) „Does a lack of control of pathogens by mitochondria in neurons play a key role in chronic fatigue?”
  • David A. Hood (Canada) „Mitochondrial adaptations in skeletal muscle: effects of exercise and age”  
  • Dirk Jan Duncker (Netherlands) „Exercise and the Coronary Circulation”
  • Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz (Poland) „Tangled pathways of food intake regulation”
  • Małgorzata Karbownik-Lewińska (Poland) „Hypopituitarism in women of childbearing age”
  • Piotr Dobrowolski (Poland) „The hidden world of microbes or perhaps an extra layer of the gut: Insights into the influence of probiotics, prebiotics, and immunomodulatory therapies on gut morphology and the gut-brain axis „
  • Tsvee Lapidot (Israel) „Circadian rhythms metabolically regulate primitive hematopoietic stem cells by Wnt signaling” 
  • Małgorzata Duda (Poland) „The ovarian putative stem cells: plasticity and cancerous transformation”
  • Wojciech Kukwa (Poland) „Physiology of breathing during sleep – what can we study with simplified sensors?” 
  • Kasun Godakumara (Estonia) „The latest chapter in the first language: extracellular vesicle-based embryo-maternal communication
  • Henning Ulrich (Brasil) P2X7 and P2Y2 receptors in the brain: from neurogenesis towards neurodegeneration
  • Marco Romano (Italy) „Management of helicobacter pylori infections
  • Mariusz Ratajczak (USA) „Hematopoietic stem cells on the crossroad bewteen purinergic signaling and innate immunity”
  • Hans Degens (UK/Lithuania) „The role of microcirculation in muscle hypertrophy”